Balsamic Moon

Balsamic Moon

This phase of moon brings messages from others via spirit.

VIOLATE     Vi.o.late definition (verb):

1. To break or fail to comply with (a rule or formal agreement).

2. Fail to respect (someone’s peace, privacy or rights).images

3. Treat (something sacred) with irreverence or disrespect.

4. Rape or sexually assault someone.


Your massage professional violates your person when you are not the focus of the session. Your practitioner breaks healthy boundaries if they multitask during massage.03-totalbeauty-logo-12-wtf-massage-stories-nightmare

If you’ve looked up in session to your massage practitioner with one of their arm on your glutes while the other hand is on the cell phone texting – you’ve been violated. According to the dictionary, this scenerio is no different from rape.

Speak up darlings! Do not allow for this any longer.

I’m coming up on two years cell phone free and I WILL NEVER VIOLATE your sacred person by touching electronics while hired to heal via massage.

You need a massage professional like me.


Pioneer Cabin & Pluto

Pioneer Cabin & Pluto

January’s Pisces stellium and sun-pluto conjunction the weekend of January 7-8, 2017 was a rough ride here on my corner of earth. This astrology comes around every 248 years.

Pioneer Cabin was a Sequoia Redwood in Calaveras, CA. In the 1800’s some people thought that carving a large walkway through this giant redwood tree was awesome. They considered it a tourist attraction. Well, the astrology was too much for this tree to handle, and it fell down.  The tree had suffered fire in it’s time so that was the foundation for the carving of the walkway through the center. Reports say that the tree was hardly alive and couldn’t handle the storm.

Why do I report? Because in my Sequoia grove – that weekend – 2 humans people, 1 female & 1 male,  who lived directly under two different Sequoia in the grove here in Federal Way, WA DIED. Spontaneously. One person was found unresponsive, and the other suffered a week in hospital until they too passed on.

When a Cedar tree fell on the path out in Quinault by the Big Cedar Tree – I knew. When the Pioneer Cabin tree fell in the CA Redwood City, I knew.

Part of me is writing this to the reader so that they see the delicate human/tree connection we have here on Earth. Those trees are not trees. They magnify thoughts among other unexplainable energetics.


ORMUS journal 2; alchemy

ORMUS journal 2; alchemy

Today we have a new moon in Capricorn (my 12th house).  Uranus turns direct today and we expect the unexpected.  Let us review this last little journey.

The sabian symbol for the last solar-lunar month was, “deep within the depths, new elements are being formed”.  This energetic was appropriate and matched up with the new ORMUS supplement that I have been taking.

12/12/2016:  Overnight I had a lucid dream so vivid that it awoke me from sleep, crying.  My grandmother had come and said, “I miss you.” in a hug during my sleep.  Later the next day, this event was confirmed by my astrologer, Anne Ortelee.  She had recorded her astrological weekly message the DAY BEFORE my dream – and I listened to the message the DAY AFTER the whole lucid dream.  So she had actually CONFIRMED that the sun and Chiron were to have a chat possibly in the overnight resulting in a wounding or a nightmare.  She just confirmed that I had hit the energetic.  I have not woken up in full on crying with tears since I was a child.

12/13 after 7pm:  This was a full moon and I skipped my usual dose.  I felt a need to skip the dose based on knowing that by 12/16 we would hit ‘the nodes of fate’ – so if any medical issue came up we were to take it serious.  That energy landed in my family as the flu/bad seafood allergy.

My last dose was 12/28 after 8pm.  The capsule had 16 drops of ORMUS in it.  I am slowly increasing my dose to 33 drops every 3 days.

My physical body is very sensitive so I take this journey slow, steady and serious.

SUMMARY:  During my regular meditation I have been able to connect with the tree frequency.  I am able to ‘tune in’ to the universal hum and from there I have been working on increasing that frequency.  I feel an extension of my energy body and a pull toward the grove of redwood trees outside.  I’ve had to care for 3 sick people over the last couple of weeks, and each person ends up in my meditation spot – with access to the redwoods.  They don’t realize it yet that they are tuned into the energy of the trees, that is my job.

I am noticing more of a physical body energetic increase and a new ability to ‘feel’ more intensely someone else’s pain.  I will need to learn to control this new ability.  For example, my 5 year old stubbed her toe and then sat next to me.  I immediately felt her sore toe as if someone were stepping on my toe.  I’ll need to develop a better control for this because I have a tough time with crowds.

The below excerpt was from a search on alchemy.  It has come to my attention that I am an everyday alchemist.

Alchemy throughout history has always been used by its highest level practitioners to give clearer access to non-terrestrial beings. The reason for that is simple: the very act of it is like downloading and incorporating into your experience knowledge, abilities, memories and senses from minds that are able to perceive on much larger scales. If all of this is about the expansion of consciousness, and it is, then the best way to do that is to merge our consciousness with more expanded consciousnesses, those of higher level beings, in order to create something entirely new from the combined essences of both, which is the very definition of alchemy.SOURCE

We will be going on a road trip soon and I’ll be purchasing legal weed and doing another review .  I blogged about that last year at the full leo moon January 2016.

ORMUS journal 1; initiation

ORMUS journal 1; initiation

Monatomic gold ORMUS: to bring more light through me and my little corner on earth.

Galactivate was dreamed into my future over a year ago. Recently, I purchased my own bottle to ingest in my person via Etsy, kristas angels shop. They posted a video on you tube of their creation process which earned my respect.

I also purchased Sea-Crop liquid ORME to spread into the land I live on. The makers live in Raymond, WA which isn’t far from here. I will begin adding that to my soil in end of February 2017.


The Prep…

November came with kids delivering a viral cold. The cold sent me into detox. Early on I attacked the germs with fire cider – a spicy apple cider vinegar my star friend Lynn had prepared. I’d been on minimal food sipping broth and eating 1/2 banana. We’ve been working toward 0 gluten, less meat and milk, and less coffee.  The cold had me add Spirulina, USNEA, and B12 in addition to drinking aloe bid.

The Initiation…

I had received my bottle of ORMUS Galactivate and was waiting for 12/4 to take my first dose.

The Plan – eat a gel cap every three days increasing the drops until 33 drops/cap.

There’s a whole bunch of information out there on the Internet about these substances, which are the non-metallic, chemically inert (but energetically available) white powder form of the main, non-corrosive, noble metals, which includes: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold.

12/4 midday:  I wasn’t planning on taking a gelcap until after 7pm.  I was led into my creation house. I opened the cabinet and took out my Sandalwood essential oil from Egypt. I open the bottle and take in the glorious aromatics. It has been a very long time since I’ve done this and I find it very pleasing at the time. The cold had made breathing difficult and at this point I could actually smell the terpenes.

I turned around bottle in hand and saw a huge dog in the backyard. My cat might be out there so without forethought, I open the backdoor and step outside to confront the dog. The picture above was something I found to represent the kind of dog he was. Once upon a time a dog that size would set me into trauma mode, but not this time.

Sandalwood in jar in hand, I called the dog to me. I sat down, and it came over. He smelled my hands and looked me in the eye. Then he walked a circle around my perimeter. I am kind and spoke to the dog like I would my cat or the toddler I babysit for. I stood and retrieved a ball the kids left outside. I threw the ball to this dog and he played. He tossed it up into the air and ran off to the side of the property where he entered. He dropped the ball and went on his way down the road.

12/4 after 7pm- ate 7 drops ORMUS in gelcap.

12/7 after 7pm – ate 9 drops ORMUS in gelcap.

12/10 after 7pm – ate 11 drops.

I’ve had three dose.

Summary: I did not, will not fast during this process. I’ve also been on cannabis every moment since 2012.

I am sensitive more to sound. I do hear the hum, but I always have. It is just that I recognize that the noise from the kids irritates me more. I continue to ask for quiet.

I have more energy. I cry every day – crying happens with the Pisces and Scorpio moons for me – but I’ve been able to release tears every day for a moment.

I am looking for strength in large crowds.


Full moon dose next – more journal soon.





Sequoia sempervirens

Sequoia sempervirens

My prayer antenna. There are two redwood from one trunk out front of the little house. On our property, this Sequoia isn’t much taller than the many Douglas fir.  I send prayer out and receive message through the tree. I smudge the tree with sage and Palo regularly with the moon.

My husband and I were married on Quinault lake by the big Cedar tree. Tree spirit and I are a team.