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My treatment framework

An effective treatment plan for each person takes forethought.

The secret behind a good massage oil blend comes from the understanding of each essential oil that is incorporated.  To truly create great blends, one must have a strong knowledge of and experience with each individual essential oil within one’s repertoire of oils.

Your full body massage comes with a personalized massage oil blend.  During the creation process, the client’s core problem or issue is revisited.  What is the primary action plan for this body? Should I be treating the physical ailment, the mental/emotional element, or the spiritual/energetic element?  What information do I feel that I have intuitively received?

Based on the information present, a cannabis massage oil blend may be created solely for the chemistry or the known therapeutic actions of the essential oil blend rather than the aroma.

On the other hand, a blend may be created based on the emotional/mental/spiritual  aspects of the client. In this instance, the emphasis is placed on the aroma of the blend and its subtle therapeutic properties.

Most often a holistic approach is utilized in creating the personalized cannabis massage oil blend.  For this type of blend, both its therapeutic intent as well as its perceived pleasantness of aroma by the client is important. It is not all about the cannabis – we feature all essential oils.

” There is virtually no people known to anthropology – however remote, isolated or primitive – in which some form of doctoring with plants have been used throughout history for medicine, food, clothing, and shelter.”