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Weed Under Water

Oil in massage sheets over time ruins the fabric. I don’t massage frequently enough to justify using  a laundry service.

Vacation + cannabis infused  coconut oil + massage = ruined sheets

In order for me to develop a massage lubrication that is free of the chlorophyll and cellulose from the cannabis to save my sheets – I’ve come to use a water cure for my cannabis.

The weed gets osmosis.  Simple.

Most cannabis growers air cure the flowers with the harvest.  I do a full plant extraction. The picture above is of my cooler, water, and cannabis.  Full plant extraction is simple. You submerge the plant under water for 7-9 days. Every day you change the water. When the day comes to remove the plant and air dry – it’ll be ready to trim and jar once dried.  This seriously cuts down on the overall cure time.

But doesn’t it ruin your weed? Only if you sell your buds by weight. For me – I prefer to feature aromatic essential oils based on the intended recipient of massage.  So sometimes we focus on earthy tones like vetiver or basil and those oils don’t compete with the cannabis terpenes.

But aren’t cannabis terpenes healing? Yes they are, but for massage therapy, the cannabis terpenes are a bug repellant.  The tricomes of cannabis hold the medicine and those are hydrophobic. The medicines stick together and change color to a nice amber once the cure is complete.  This makes for a more desirable body-stone.

I get a great pleasure from watching the water flush away the toxins the plant survived while alive. In  King County, WA our water comes from several different wells.  They dump all kinds of chemicals into the waters we drink and water our plants with.  The constructed drought was no fun either. We grew three plants this season.  We are in the flight path and we have chemspraying planes here. I contacted our congressman about the chemtrailing because he was once a family friend and I kicked rocks with his nephews as a kid. He denied the sprays. I don’t blame him. Going up against the beast….

Anyway – my lotions and massage oils aren’t green and I am able to blend other essential oils that smell fantastic.  There isn’t an easier curing option than the water cure.

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