WA Legal Weed Purchase review

WA Legal Weed Purchase review

What does one do when their regular Sunday Seahawks football game isn’t on anymore? We take a road trip to Ocean Shores, WA, smoke legally purchased weed & pray with the full moon. There was no snowpocolypse in western WA.

We stopped at Have a Heart Rec 21  in Ocean Shores .  Total spent – $45. I found a 10% discount for using my medical prescription for cannabis. I asked for a 60/40 sativa and he placed three 1g packages onto the counter. The green crack ‘weed’ looked fake so we chose the Black Betty and the Dutch Treat.

I don’t want to have to explain chemistry so the lab tests and THC% isn’t my thing. Does it look good? Does your mouth water when you crack open the bag? How stoned do you feel?  With these tiny 1 gram packages chances of you becoming brand specific or having a preference like a nonfat triple white chocolate iced mocha – not so much.  You’ll probably choose next time something that looks good and smells good!

We also purchased a glass pipe after deliberating on the largest bowl size. This orange pipe fit my dragon themed road trip plus it has a right hand carb which is perfect for us left handed people.

The only other people inside the shop were silver haired people displaying nervousness.

In WA the next big step is cool places to smoke weed outside. Hiding behind the bush is teenage bs.  Yes, I AM STONED, so is she, that guy, their dog, those three people over there, see those kids….you see my point?  Yes we can.

Cannabis Lotion Recipe

Cannabis Lotion Recipe

Mary Kay makeup ate a whole through Styrofoam. I witnessed that when I spent two weeks with their business kit in 2007.

MAKE YOUR OWN SKIN care! Cancer ENDs with me.

Cannabis can be added into the lotion or creme in various other ways.  I will explain what I do and if you are curious for more farmer tips to prepare the best topical – leave a comment.

Whipped cannabis topical 

8g water cured cannabis flowers. (See weed under water post)

16 oz coconut oil

7 oz Shea butter

1/4 cup beeswax

8 oz. Grapeseed oil

1 oz hemp oil

2 oz   aloe vera juice with fillet (Lily of the valley)

1 1/2oz distilled water

1 Tbsp Calm Magnesium citrate

  • essential oils, tinctures or rso added at the end to preference
  1. Add  8 oz of the coconut oil and the cannabis flowers into a cast iron skillet or any saucepan. Set the stove to the lowest heat setting and simmer. This process of blending the cannabis with coconut oil can take days if you want it to. Some begin the process at the new moon and complete the batch on the full moon. The heat is low – less than 100 degrees.
  2. Remove the flowers from the coconut oil by passing the blend through a cheesecloth or cotton fabric.  The resulting infusion of cannabis coconut will go back onto the stove into a soup pan.
  3. Add the Shea butter, the remaining coconut oil, the grape seed oil and beeswax.
  4. Place the pan on the stove on low and melt just until the beeswax liquifies.
  5. Pour your batch into a stainless steel bowl and refrigerate.
  6. It can take up to 6 hours to solidify in the fridge.
  7. Remove the bowl from fridge and whip it with a hand mixer on the lowest setting.  This can take a long time to whip up the hardened product.
  8. Now warm up the distilled water and mix the magnesium citrate to it.
  9. Add the magnesium blend to the lotion.
  10. After you blend it up, the lotion goes back into the fridge to chill for two hours.
  11. Remove lotion, whip it up and add the hemp oil and aloe.
  12. Add your essential oils now or tinctures or RSO and whip.
  13. Dispense.

This recipe creates around 30oz or more lotion which will last a long time. It should be applied as you would any lotion. This lotion is good for ANY skin…face skin, hair scalp, body – vagina!

If you want to preserve shelf life add a vitamin E or use an essential oil like rosemary or frankincense for longer shelf life.

Most people leave their lotion at the back of the toilet or in the medicine chest. Some leave it by the bedside. Others apply with the monthly breast self check. I use it ALL day.

Lotion making is like making cookies or cheesecake.  It requires TLC but in the end you are doing your largest organ a favor!


Stop trusting someone else to care for your skin.

Do it yourself. You are beautiful.



Weed Under Water

Weed Under Water

Oil in massage sheets over time ruins the fabric. I don’t massage frequently enough to justify using  a laundry service.

Vacation + cannabis infused  coconut oil + massage = ruined sheets

In order for me to develop a massage lubrication that is free of the chlorophyll and cellulose from the cannabis to save my sheets – I’ve come to use a water cure for my cannabis.

The weed gets osmosis.  Simple.

Most cannabis growers air cure the flowers with the harvest.  I do a full plant extraction. The picture above is of my cooler, water, and cannabis.  Full plant extraction is simple. You submerge the plant under water for 7-9 days. Every day you change the water. When the day comes to remove the plant and air dry – it’ll be ready to trim and jar once dried.  This seriously cuts down on the overall cure time.

But doesn’t it ruin your weed? Only if you sell your buds by weight. For me – I prefer to feature aromatic essential oils based on the intended recipient of massage.  So sometimes we focus on earthy tones like vetiver or basil and those oils don’t compete with the cannabis terpenes.

But aren’t cannabis terpenes healing? Yes they are, but for massage therapy, the cannabis terpenes are a bug repellant.  The tricomes of cannabis hold the medicine and those are hydrophobic. The medicines stick together and change color to a nice amber once the cure is complete.  This makes for a more desirable body-stone.

I get a great pleasure from watching the water flush away the toxins the plant survived while alive. In  King County, WA our water comes from several different wells.  They dump all kinds of chemicals into the waters we drink and water our plants with.  The constructed drought was no fun either. We grew three plants this season.  We are in the flight path and we have chemspraying planes here. I contacted our congressman about the chemtrailing because he was once a family friend and I kicked rocks with his nephews as a kid. He denied the sprays. I don’t blame him. Going up against the beast….

Anyway – my lotions and massage oils aren’t green and I am able to blend other essential oils that smell fantastic.  There isn’t an easier curing option than the water cure.







Yelm Memoir

Yelm Memoir

Look at the photo above and you will see what was formerly a spot vending at a cannabis farmer market.  Do you see any cannabis in the picture?

The lotions and oils on the table have the cannabis infused into them.

The photo is from a season where I was able to grow my full allotted 15 plants to use as medicine.  I have since moved away and can currently only grow outdoors with the season.  This means that I cannot currently make the table full of products as you see above to share with others.

Do you know what I share now?  Knowledge.

I grew the cannabis that I then cured and turned into something that I use within the massage.

I am an organic cannabis farmer who is pro-GMO labelling and FULL disclosure to the ingredients used in VACCINES so that ALL HUMANS can make an informed freewill decision.

Come see me at my new market spot…

My treatment framework

My treatment framework

An effective treatment plan for each person takes forethought.

The secret behind a good massage oil blend comes from the understanding of each essential oil that is incorporated.  To truly create great blends, one must have a strong knowledge of and experience with each individual essential oil within one’s repertoire of oils.

Your full body massage comes with a personalized massage oil blend.  During the creation process, the client’s core problem or issue is revisited.  What is the primary action plan for this body? Should I be treating the physical ailment, the mental/emotional element, or the spiritual/energetic element?  What information do I feel that I have intuitively received?

Based on the information present, a cannabis massage oil blend may be created solely for the chemistry or the known therapeutic actions of the essential oil blend rather than the aroma.

On the other hand, a blend may be created based on the emotional/mental/spiritual  aspects of the client. In this instance, the emphasis is placed on the aroma of the blend and its subtle therapeutic properties.

Most often a holistic approach is utilized in creating the personalized cannabis massage oil blend.  For this type of blend, both its therapeutic intent as well as its perceived pleasantness of aroma by the client is important. It is not all about the cannabis – we feature all essential oils.

” There is virtually no people known to anthropology – however remote, isolated or primitive – in which some form of doctoring with plants have been used throughout history for medicine, food, clothing, and shelter.”