Uranus is Moving

Recently I was recognized as my mother’s daughter in Las Vegas inside the New York.  “Excuse me.  Are you…………….daughter?” – I hadn’t seen this couple for 10 years.  Grand meeting place – Las Vegas, Nevada.  I carry no cellular device so she had no idea I was where I was or that we would meet.

We were called to Las Vegas the very day of the CMA country music awards.  We stayed in the MGM Signature – the venue of the CMA.  We learned of the 10.01 and spirit called us to action.

Spirit called us – all 4 of us – as a family to be there.  Syncronicity.

Uranus is ending it’s 7 year transit in my 3rd house through Aries.  It will be transiting Taurus very soon and I already feel it.

Nevada is calling.  The space ship port above the Arizona Nevada desert is active at this time.


I got my first Tarot deck today.

The first card to pop out was, DEATH in the reverse.

The SUN was on the Sabian Symbol; Taurus 5 degrees – A WIDOW AT AN OPEN GRAVE discard the past: REBIRTH



Massage Silence

Last Thursday I wanted to make a post on silence but I couldn’t find a photo.  The universe was listening because just yesterday the daily photo post was on the very same topic – photograph SILENCE.

Silence – the absence of sound or noise.

Most often during a massage that I give to anyone – the music fails.

Most often during a massage that I give to anyone – there is silence.

Most often during a massage that I give to anyone – a presence larger than I shows up.

Most often during a massage that I give to anyone – comfort is found in silence.


Do you make time for silence, or does silence make time for you?


If you pay for a massage service with me – expect to witness this phenomenon.

The universe supports me.

That is why this topic has spread in one week from my initial idea about this post – to seeing others around wordpress blogging about the same thing.

I’ve been giving only 1 massage in a day if someone schedules one.  They get the best of me and I give my best to them.  253-952-0311 – leave a message to schedule.

You could learn a lot about yourself and the nature of your reality if you studied the language in which you use.

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