Buklshuhls Muckleshoot

Buklshuhls – ‘from a high point from which you can see.’

Take the time to study the native culture & history from the land in which you reside.

1855-1856 energy is talking right now if you are listening.  I am listening.Resized_20180707_184652_011_4124.jpeg20180707_184644.jpg20180707_184633.jpg

I propose these last thoughts, what have we created and why do we continue this theater?

Is this energy something to blame on the white settler, the native peoples, or the sleeping sheeples?

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An Electrical Storm

I am experiencing shingles on my face and neck for the 12th time in my 38 years.

Uranus in Taurus is disseminating 2 degrees – An Electrical Storm.

By the time the sun is in Leo July 23, 2018 Uranus will begin disseminating Taurus 4 degrees – The Pot of Gold at the End of The Rainbow!

Lets all just look ahead during this power storm and see the opportunities!


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Uranus is Moving

Recently I was recognized as my mother’s daughter in Las Vegas inside the New York.  “Excuse me.  Are you…………….daughter?” – I hadn’t seen this couple for 10 years.  Grand meeting place – Las Vegas, Nevada.  I carry no cellular device so she had no idea I was where I was or that we would meet.

We were called to Las Vegas the very day of the CMA country music awards.  We stayed in the MGM Signature – the venue of the CMA.  We learned of the 10.01 and spirit called us to action.

Spirit called us – all 4 of us – as a family to be there.  Syncronicity.

Uranus is ending it’s 7 year transit in my 3rd house through Aries.  It will be transiting Taurus very soon and I already feel it.

Nevada is calling.  The space ship port above the Arizona Nevada desert is active at this time.


I got my first Tarot deck today.

The first card to pop out was, DEATH in the reverse.

The SUN was on the Sabian Symbol; Taurus 5 degrees – A WIDOW AT AN OPEN GRAVE discard the past: REBIRTH



36 months cell phone sober

I spent 20 years with a cellular device. I threw it away 36 months ago.

I spent 5 years smoking cigarettes as a young adult and the cellular device was much like that addiction.  The one habit reminded me of the other so I eventually had to remove them both.

I have a WiFi device.  Two days ago, the lights went out on it and now it won’t turn on.  This is another test I have not yet completed.

Once upon a time when I got that tablet, it was a need.  I had to have a device with google play so I could accept payment while on the go.  Currently, I want a device with a good quality camera that can upload photo onto internet platform quickly.  I have no need therefore no justification to replace the broken item.

My vehicle has navigation. My family utilize the landline telephone.  So far, so good.

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A Vocabulary Without ‘WEIRD’

Weird   noun   1. FATE, DESTINY; especially: ILL FORTUNE   2. soothsayer

Soothsayer  noun  : someone who makes predictions about what is going to happen in the future. (prognosticator)  there is the origin gnostic again!

We have been given a language that cast spells.  Think twice before you use the whirrd (word) – WEIRD.  This word has turned up everywhere, has it not?

Stop this word cold turkey and choose another.  You are casting ill fortune because you couldn’t come up with a more specific definition of what your thoughts generate.  Listen for it during your day please.  Take that journey.  Check yourself.  Quit WEIRD.



4 Leaf Clover

Take time to look for the four leaf clovers. It’s easy to get swept away from a simple pleasure in life on earth.

Yesterday I found 9 of them. Last Friday, I found 9 and one with 4.5 leaf.

I gave away 4 and pressed the rest to keep with the collection from my past wanderings in the grass.

Let spirit guide you. Take time for life’s simple pleasures.

Balsamic Moon

This phase of moon brings messages from others via spirit.

VIOLATE     Vi.o.late definition (verb):

1. To break or fail to comply with (a rule or formal agreement).

2. Fail to respect (someone’s peace, privacy or rights).images

3. Treat (something sacred) with irreverence or disrespect.

4. Rape or sexually assault someone.


Your massage professional violates your person when you are not the focus of the session. Your practitioner breaks healthy boundaries if they multitask during massage.03-totalbeauty-logo-12-wtf-massage-stories-nightmare

If you’ve looked up in session to your massage practitioner with one of their arm on your glutes while the other hand is on the cell phone texting – you’ve been violated. According to the dictionary, this scenerio is no different from rape.

Speak up darlings! Do not allow for this any longer.

I’m coming up on two years cell phone free and I WILL NEVER VIOLATE your sacred person by touching electronics while hired to heal via massage.

You need a massage professional like me.