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BIG Balsalmic Moon realization

Aquarius; I know, therefore I am.

The node transit of the moon currently Leo North/Aquarius South has me focused on other things – mainly paying the bills by my own means.

Recently, I’ve been back on Ebay platform.  At this point I’ve posted 8 vintage Playboy Magazine mostly from the 1970’s for sale.

I spent some time with the Playboy energy.  Rest in peace Hugh Hefner.

I appreciate you.

Hugh Hefner passed away September 27, 2017.  That following weekend I dreamt that I was at his funeral.  I hardly sleep nor dream so this stuck.

The other day I realized that I painted a rock over the summer with my kids with a black Playboy bunny on a pink background.  I went back in the photos and noted the date of this photo below:  July 6, 2017

Taking a closer look, this photo is poetry.  My special first born daughter painted the rock, Pray and Dream.  My special second born daughter painted the ghost onto the other rock.

A lot of love and a message all in one.



We would take the painted rocks all over the area and leave them at the park for someone else to find and share.  I could never part with the pink Playboy bunny rock.  No place I thought of screamed out, leave me here.  Except for today.

The rock remains on my front porch.  It is a reminder to all who come that something larger than I works within this home.

Do not think for one second that prayers aren’t powerful.

Every thought is a prayer.  Prayers become things.


Hugh Hefner was born April 9.  He was Aries.


11/17/2017 UPDATE

The rock  is gone.  Like a ghost it disappeared.


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Banks Lake Sunset

The solar eclipse was an event many people chose to view.  I intentionally felt the energy of the solar eclipse, rather than watch it through goggles like the rest of the gang at our family beach camping trip.

We had a beach party at Banks Lake, WA.  There were several people sitting with us on the beach watching through their trusted solar goggles, and giving the play-by-play. This was the first time as a family that we sat together and enjoyed the energies of the solar eclipse with intention.  It was brilliant.

STEAMBOAT ROCK SUNSET after the solar eclipse…

In the photo you’ll see a small person standing in the shallow sandbar way out in the distance.  That was me.  I did watch the beautiful sunset behind Steamboat Rock and that was my spiritual moment with the eclipse energies.  Some think day begins at sunrise, some think day begins at sunset.

The time after the eclipse was surreal and dreamlike.

Almost 48 hours after the most beautiful relaxing vacation began, the storm rolled in.  A story line from when Mars and the Sun were in Cancer came around again.



The morning of the storm, I was greeted by the orange rump bumble bee who first floated by me in the morning.  Once the clouds rolled in, an unusually large fly almost the size of a mini-hummingbird spoke to the group – mainly the one person going through transformation.  The fly landed on that person’s hip during a family bath in the lake.  That spiritual moment was so fantastic together as we cleaned ourselves with the waters of the lake.  The large fly was recognized and then it flew off toward the north.  Later on around dusk a deer strolled by and a heron landed on the top of a pine tree.  The storm blew in…..danced around….and was weathered.  We were all amazed and almost in a dreamlike fantasy.

Heron in the Pine Tree

HINDSIGHT spiritual thoughts

Just before we left for this trip I had found myself a new Sequoia tree in the valley on the way up to the Muckelshoot tribal part of Auburn.  Actually, that tree found me.  I wanted to get through a parking lot that I thought connected to Auburn Way.  I had to get last minute items for camping – mainly a battery powered radio.  Turns out the parking lot wasn’t a pass through and I had to make a U turn.  But during the moment, I looked up to see the most beautiful Sequoia tree.  This magnificent tree had 5 different tops from one base.  I immediately stopped the car and got out and touched the Sequoia tree.

Auburn, WA is significant to me expecially the history of the Muckelshoot tribe.  This city was once called, Slaughter, WA.  Many spirit were killed in the race for land.  There is a reason that I live where I do and why I work with the tree spirit.

That moment was significant as it lined up with the sabian symbols for the day.  This was from the Oracle Report the Saturday before the solar eclipse:

“many little birds on the limb of a TREE”

“a TREE felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter”

The little birds need to find another tree — one that is not getting ready to be chopped down in order to be transformed by fire.



Today, break through.  Turn toward the new.  See the interrelatedness of all things.  Banish fear.  Embrace the beauty of a world undergoing renaissance.  Accept your place as a participant in that.  Take command of your own mind.  Set a course for a new tree — a new perspective.  Fly there with ease.


I have a feeling that finding my new tree helped me weather that storm.