Buklshuhls Muckleshoot

Buklshuhls – ‘from a high point from which you can see.’

Take the time to study the native culture & history from the land in which you reside.

1855-1856 energy is talking right now if you are listening.  I am listening.Resized_20180707_184652_011_4124.jpeg20180707_184644.jpg20180707_184633.jpg

I propose these last thoughts, what have we created and why do we continue this theater?

Is this energy something to blame on the white settler, the native peoples, or the sleeping sheeples?

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Massage Silence

Last Thursday I wanted to make a post on silence but I couldn’t find a photo.  The universe was listening because just yesterday the daily photo post was on the very same topic – photograph SILENCE.

Silence – the absence of sound or noise.

Most often during a massage that I give to anyone – the music fails.

Most often during a massage that I give to anyone – there is silence.

Most often during a massage that I give to anyone – a presence larger than I shows up.

Most often during a massage that I give to anyone – comfort is found in silence.


Do you make time for silence, or does silence make time for you?


If you pay for a massage service with me – expect to witness this phenomenon.

The universe supports me.

That is why this topic has spread in one week from my initial idea about this post – to seeing others around wordpress blogging about the same thing.

I’ve been giving only 1 massage in a day if someone schedules one.  They get the best of me and I give my best to them.  253-952-0311 – leave a message to schedule.

You could learn a lot about yourself and the nature of your reality if you studied the language in which you use.

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Bunny Beads

Rabbit poo is my current fertilizer.  My landscape is sprinkled with Shiva Shambo bunny beads. They safely add nutrients to the mycology underfoot in the soil.


I’ve been unsuccessful over the last few days posting blogs onto WordPress because my work just disappears. My poo post is a test – and a bit of retaliation for ghost work.