Buklshuhls Muckleshoot

Buklshuhls – ‘from a high point from which you can see.’

Take the time to study the native culture & history from the land in which you reside.

1855-1856 energy is talking right now if you are listening.  I am listening.Resized_20180707_184652_011_4124.jpeg20180707_184644.jpg20180707_184633.jpg

I propose these last thoughts, what have we created and why do we continue this theater?

Is this energy something to blame on the white settler, the native peoples, or the sleeping sheeples?

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4 Leaf Clover

Take time to look for the four leaf clovers. It’s easy to get swept away from a simple pleasure in life on earth.

Yesterday I found 9 of them. Last Friday, I found 9 and one with 4.5 leaf.

I gave away 4 and pressed the rest to keep with the collection from my past wanderings in the grass.

Let spirit guide you. Take time for life’s simple pleasures.