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Balsalmic Moon


Anyone who shows up for their massage having any alcohol in their system will be turned away.

Anyone who shows up for their massage beer in hand will be shown the door.

Anyone passing judgement about cannabis use will not be given a second thought.

“If you haven’t tried it lady, don’t knock it.”

Anyone posting a job in Washington indicating a pre-employment drug screening including Marijuana as one of the drugs not allowed will not be given a second thought.

As a licensed professional in Washington state providing massage – I follow the CHABA.  Cannabis Health and Beauty Act.

I’ve been stoned in every moment of time since 2012. I have an acquired deformity of the neck with permanent ligament instability.

I run my own business.  I am a mother who feeds their children organic non-gmo foods.  I do not vaccinate just because.  The ‘doctor’ presenting reason to vaccinate must stake his career on the need.  I show up to school on time to pick up my kids and volunteer when possible.  I show up early and prepared to my appointment. I donate.  I pay my taxes.  I create things.

I do not take EBT nor receive benefit or compensation for my disability.

I pray for you and you don’t even know it.

Wellness, not intoxication.

The balsalmic moon is the time when messages arrive from spirit.


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Yelm Memoir

Look at the photo above and you will see what was formerly a spot vending at a cannabis farmer market.  Do you see any cannabis in the picture?

The lotions and oils on the table have the cannabis infused into them.

The photo is from a season where I was able to grow my full allotted 15 plants to use as medicine.  I have since moved away and can currently only grow outdoors with the season.  This means that I cannot currently make the table full of products as you see above to share with others.

Do you know what I share now?  Knowledge.

I grew the cannabis that I then cured and turned into something that I use within the massage.

I am an organic cannabis farmer who is pro-GMO labelling and FULL disclosure to the ingredients used in VACCINES so that ALL HUMANS can make an informed freewill decision.