Collaboration with multiple arena is necessary in today’s market in order to stand out from the majority, ‘deep tissue massage therapist.’ 

MA  60037469

My name is Anna and I am learning about grant writing and studying for a phD along with several other creative adventures and esoteric exploration.

CLICK TO WATCH my video resume.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to speak my truth and lead others toward their success!

A future goal of mine is working at UW or a UW research affiliate to provide the opportunity to research and study the topical application of cannabis and the body.  I’d like to measure the body and the scientific reaction the body shows.  The application of various strength of cannabis topical within a full body massage application as well as testing how/when the body responds is only the beginning.  Case studies are currently underway.  Massage therapists are ready and anticipate research participation.

In 2015 I studied epidemiology and using human subjects for research purposes with my work.  Please notify me should you enjoy participation.




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